Completed in the summer of 2017, the new Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional trail is 13 km of fairly tough going. There is one uphill section in particular that is on an old logging road that is good shape, but climbs steeply at a 16% grade....for an entire kilometer! The trail is made up of pathways and trails and old roads that at one time were off limits to the public due to their proximity to the Sooke Lake Reservoir watershed. Doing the entire 13 km length of the trail can be grueling if the temperature is high. We did this trail in the summer on a very warm day. We had a lot of water so we were hydrated. It was difficult on the uphill sections which are for the most part on the old roads. It is also important to remember that this is wilderness. An area not used to seeing a lot of human traffic. We encountered martins which were friendly, whiskey jacks that seemed tame and a huge black bear that was startled by us as we were on our way back. This is not a trail that everyone can do. We recommend doing 2.5 km of the trail starting at the Humpback Reservoir end of the trail. You can make the viewing area at Waugh Falls (there's only falls if it has been raining or you are there in the winter) your turn around point. Have a snack beside the old EnR railroad tracks. If you continue on, in about five minutes you'll arrive at a little fenced-in suspension bridge. Beyond that the trail climbs and eventually becomes an old gravel road.

Make your way from Victoria via hwy #1 North. Continue along hwy #1 until you reach Westshore Parkway. Turn left from hwy #1 on to Westshore Parkway. At the round a bout turn right on to Amy Rd and follow that until it turns into Humpback Rd. Follow Humpback Rd until you see the sign for the Mt. Wells Regional Park parking lot. Turn right into the parking area and you'll see the trail sign on the right. The trail follows along side of the Humpback reservoir for the first ten minutes or so.