This beautiful stone and sand beach is close to the city, easy to get to and almost impossible to leave. The short hike down to the beach will take fifteen to twenty minutes at most. The trail winds its way down through mossy trees and giant ferns. You'll know that you are getting close to the beach when you reach the "Giant's Staircase". ( They're not really called that, they're really just too damn big.)The stairs are small terraces cut into the trail to keep it from washing out in the steeper parts. Sandcut Beach is a good sized beach and like most beaches is best at low tide. Once on the beach, to your right are lots of places to pull up a log and relax by the ocean. At low tide there are great spots here for rock hounds. If you decide to go left when you get onto the beach then keep ambling along shore for ten minutes or so and you will come to our favourite seaside waterfalls on Vancouver Island. A nice day anytime after a rain and you'll wonder why you haven't been here before. You can walk under the waterfalls and continue on down the beach or just stop there, have a snack and say "Wow" a few times.

Make your way from Victoria to Sooke via the Island Highway #14. It is 28.5 Km from the Sooke round-a-bout to the Sandcut beach parking area via Hwy 14. The small parking lot is on the left side of the road. There are outhouses located at the parking lot. There is room in the lot for a dozen cars at most so an early start is advised. The earlier you get there the longer you get to say.