I use a lot of adjectives to describe the hikes, the walks and the rambles that my wife Shari and I do. There's no need to use any of those here. Lone Tree Hill is our favorite picnic spot. The view is incredible. You'll be surprised how beautiful it is. The view is the reward for the steep but fairly short trail that brings you to the summit from the parking lot below. At 345 meters ( approx. 1050 feet ), it really is just a very pointy, exposed hill. But it doesn't FEEL like a little hill once you are on the top. It's a hill that thinks it's a mountain. We usually spend a few hours relaxing and soaking in the view. Bring a lunch or snacks. Sit down. Watch Eagles. We've encountered Martin and deer as well as a pair of nesting eagles near the summit. There is a viewpoint just off of the trail about two thirds of the way up. It's right beside a very big old Arbutus tree. We've been to Lone Tree Hill at all times of the year in all seasons. It can be icy on the exposed areas near the top so be careful. Lone Tree will have snow on the summit on and off all winter.

This is another gem of a hike so of course there is only parking for a few vehicles in the small parking lot. Getting there early; as always, is your best course of action. There are washrooms in the parking area. The trail starts very near to them. The uphill portion begins about five minutes into your hike. The trail switches back and forth which makes the climb somewhat easier. Expect it to take approximately thirty minutes if you are relatively fit. Longer if you have little ones or if you happen to struggle a bit on uphill sections. The trail breaks out into the open at the start of the exposed rock. There is a small now dead tree on the summit that gives this peak its name.