This hike is a must do if you like great vistas, lush forest trails and that 'top of the mountain' feeling. There are three different routes that you can take to Jocelyn Hill. One route starts at the Caleb Pike parking lot. The other option is via the McKenzie Bight trail. The route that we take is via the Emma Dickson trail. All three routes are great hiking. We get to Jocelyn Hill using the Emma Dickson trail so that we can spend more time having a snack and enjoying the view once we get there. There are some steep areas along the trail so take care and use caution especially if you have little ones with you. Due to the healthy cougar and black bear population in the park, a leash for your pet is recommended at all times.

Follow Millstream Rd up into the hills until you reach Emma Dickson Rd. Stay on Millstream for another few meters and you'll see a small pull out on the right side of the road. Enough for three cars at the most, so an early start is recommended if you're going to use the Emma Dickson trail. The trail is a little difficult to spot on the opposite side of the road. Follow the Emma Dickson trail through a mossy forest uphill for twenty minutes or so. You'll come out into a small clearing where the Emma Dickson trail ends and the intersects with the Jocelyn Hill trail. You can go right at this point if you like. The trail is an old creek bed with a lot of loose rock which can make for a bit of a hassle. Your other option is to continue straight ahead when you get into the small clearing. The trail heads into the forest again and starts to climb the ridge via the Ridge trail, that eventually leads to Jocelyn Hill.