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Welcome to Mystic Shores Photography

We’re two amature photographers living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We combine our love for the outdoors with photography.

Our Subject Matter

We photograph and write about so much of what we see. Here it is broken down.

People and Portraits

Family portraits, individuals to the stranger on the street.


Spectacular vistas from Vancouver Island to Alberta and beyond.

Birds and Animals

Birds love us. Animals seem to know we're coming!

Macro Photography

When the weather sucks or you're needing to do something different..


One of our favourite things to do is make composite images.


Pictures tell a part of the story. Videos tell the rest.

Special Effects

High Dynamic range. Using High and low pass filters in post production. Filters on the camera.

Product Photography

Crisp and clear images are what get your product noticed..

What We See
Get a chance to see what we see

Our Photographs


Check out our other website!

Photography Tips and Tricks

We write about and photograph as many parts of beautiful British Columbia as we can. Here's how we do it.


Good composition is the key to getting the shot you want.


How and when to take those special shots of people you know.


Cats, dogs, birds and wild animals. Settings and tips on capturing the action.


Anyone can take great portraits by following a few simple rules.

Macro Photography

Get up close and have fun making the really tiny look really big.

Time Lapse

Time lapse photography is fun and eaasy to accomplish. Here's how.


have two great shots - almost? Why not blend the two together?


A few basic hints and steps to help you create reat videos.

Meet Our Team

Living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. Two People. Two Cameras. Two Cats.
Member Photo
Getting High

A scramble to the top.

Brian Ringland
Hiker, former fishing guide and amature photographer.
Member Photo

Always ready with camera in hand!

Shari Ringland
Hiker, Gem Hunter and Amature Photographer.
Member Photo

Go slow. The best shots take time.

Artistic Director
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Treats Please.

How can you do anything in post without eating first?.

Artistic Director
  • From the mountains of Vancouver Island to the Mountains Jasper National Park
    Mystic Shores
    Victoria, BC
  • We haven't found any other place that can match Vancouver Island's diversity of landscapes.
    Artistic Director
  • Hills, mountains, lush rainforests, glaciers and more surrounded by the ocean. This really is The perfect place to be.
    Mystic Shores

Latest Adventures

Seems like almost everything we do ends up an adventure. Here's a few of them.
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Our trip to Jasper National Park

Mountains that are spectacular. Mountains that you can climb. Glaciers and waterfalls and wildlife and stunning vistas in every direction.

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The BC Interior

From the North Cariboo to the arid valleys and mountains near Lillooet, BC.

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Northern Vancouver Island

The back roads and forests of northern Vancouver Island near the Villiage of Woss.

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